Why HEC Chairman Was Sacked Recently

Why HEC Chairman Was ravaged recently
Why HEC Chairman Was Sacked Recently

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Although this may be Shocking for Education Sector; but the federal government has removed the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman, Dr. Tariq Banuri, causing shock waves across the education sector. A notification confirming his removal with immediate, issued on Monday. Federal Government takes the advantage of HEC Ordinance, 2002, Ordinance, 2021; Hence, Dr. Tariq Banuri has ceased to be the chairman, HEC straightaway and is consequently far from the same post with immediate impact.

Dr. Banuri Appointment

As a matter of fact Banuri was appointed on the post by the previous Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, in mid of 2018 and was speculated to complete his term in mid of 2022. On the other hand, His out-of-turn removal attracted criticism from educational bodies. As a matter of, the central government looks to own a solid reason for his removal. An HEDP audit report, disclosed many monetary irregularities and dubious appointments of consultants.

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HEDP is Reason That HEC Chairman Sacked Recently

As per the report, the previous HEC Chairman had appointed fifteen consultants at hefty salaries of quite Rs. 800,000 each. The principles set for the appointment of such consultants went conjointly unnoticed. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had conjointly taken notice of those appointments and had wanted a reply from the HEC. The HEDP report disclosed that; the consultants were paid higher salaries than their special package and therefore, the remuneration they were already drawing before change of integrity the project.

Corrupt Practices Allegations on HEC Chairman

It disclosed that the majority of the consultants were already operating with the HEC and performing arts constant nature of the task at a lot of lower packages. The audit report calculable that the exuberant payments to those consultants caused a loss of nearly 3 million rupees monthly to the national finances. Furthermore, Dr. Tariq was conjointly same to be not in an exceedingly smart relationship with the vice-chancellors of public universities. As per reports, Banuri did not do meeting with VCs of universities and being attentive to their grievances.

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As an example despite sturdy reservations from stakeholders on the academic degree program and therefore the pH scaled. Program, he didn’t show any flexibility on the matter or meet any vice-chancellor of any province on the difficulty. In addition to, Banuri typically avoided meeting the vice-chancellors and being attentive to the grievances of public universities.

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