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Federal Public Service Commission Pakistan Jobs

Among the job advertising agencies, Federal Public Service Commission is at the top that are advertising jobs for the Federal Governbmebt of Pakistan.

Moreover, all the jobs that are advertised by the FPSC are related to the Federal Depoartments, federal institutes, federal agencies and federal autonomous institutes.

Federal Public Service Commission Jobs are advertised mostly on the first week of every new month. Yon can download the advertisement from the website of FPSC.

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Challan form in PDF form is available here for the students to deposit the fee.

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FPSC Challan Form

FPSC Challan Form

FPSC Challan Form is a four (4) slip form used to deposit the fee of FPSC. This challan form is used to deposit the fee for general recruitment jobs and the CSS jobs fee.

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Latest Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Latest FPSC Jobs 2023

FPSC Latest October advertisement -Jobs 2023

FPSC Latest September advertisement -Jobs 2023

Latest PPSC Jobs 2023

Latest KPK Jobs 2023

Latest SPSC Jobs 2023

Latest BPSC Jobs 2023

Latest AJKPSC Jobs 2023

Latest GBPSC Jobs 2023

Latest NTS Jobs 2023

Latest Banking Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Latest State Bank of Pakistan Jobs 2023

Latest Jobs in NAB 2023

Latest Jobs in Universities in Pakistan 2023

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Four (04) posts of Professor (B-20) (Male) in the Colligate Branch (Men’s Section)Three (03) posts of Professor (B-20) (Female) in the Colligate Branch (Women’s Section).
Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department
One (01) post of Principal School of Nursing (B-18)One (01) post of Nursing Superintendent (B-18)
One (01) post of Law Officer (B-18).
Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department
Thirty-Seven (37) posts of Assistant Optometrist (B-17)
Two Hindered Six (206) posts of IT Teacher (B-17) Forty-Two (42) posts of Secondary School Teacher (General) Male (B-17) in the School Section. One Hundred Sixty-Five (165) posts of Secondary School Teacher (Science) Male (B-17) in the School Section.Two (02) posts of Secondary School Teacher (Technical) Male (B-17) in the School Section.Thirty-Six (36) posts of Secondary School Teacher (Science) Female (B-17) in the School Section.Four (04) posts of Secondary School Teacher (Technical) Female (B-17) in the School Section.
Twenty-Six (26) posts of Pharmacist (B-17)
Culture Tourism & Archives Department
Three (03) posts of Assistant Director (B-17)Five (05) posts of Tourist Information Officer (B-16)
Closing Date for Receipt 0f Applications for Latest BPSC Jobs 2022 is 15th February 2022 (Tuesday)
Latest BPSC Jobs 2022-Consolidated Advertisement No. 02/2022

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Counter-Terrorism Department, Balochistan Police (HOME & TRIBAL AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT)

Balochistan Public Service Commission Announced many vacancies in Counter-Terrorism Department, Balochistan Police (HOME & TRIBAL AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT) the details and no of posts are bellows; LAST DATE TO APPLY is 15th February, 2022 (Tuesday)

01 Twelve (12) posts of Assistant Director (B-17)
02 Two (02) posts of Psychologist (B-17)
03 One (01) post of Technical Officer(Assistant Database Administrator) (B-17)
04 Two (02) posts of Technical Officer(Cyber Crime & Hacking) (B-17)
05 One (01) post of Technical Officer(Electrical) (B-17)
06 One (01) post of Technical Officer(Forensic & Explosives) (B-17)
07 One (01) post of Technical Officer (Information Security) (B-17)
08 One (01) post of Technical Officer(Mechanical) (B-17)
09 One (01) post of Technical Officer(Network Security) (B-17)
10 One (01) post of Technical Officer(Security Analyst) (B-17)
11 One (01) post of Technical Officer(Security Engineer) (B-17)
12 One (01) post of Technical Officer(Senior System Engineer) (B-17)
13 One (01) post of Technical Officer(Software Developer) (B-17)
14 Two (02) posts of Assistant Technical Officer(Analyst Associate) (B-16)
15 Three (03) posts of Assistant Technical Officer(Electrical) (B-16)
16 Two (02) posts of Assistant Technical Officer(Explosives) (B-16)
17 One (01) post of Assistant Technical Officer(Forensics) (B-16)
18 Two (02) posts of Assistant Technical Officer(Hardware Technician) (B-16)
19 Two (02) posts of Assistant Technical Officer(Mechanical) (B-16)
20 Two (02) posts of Assistant Technical Officer(Network Technician) (B-16)
21 Two (02) posts of Assistant Technical Officer(Oracle Developer) (B-16)
22 Two (02) posts of Assistant Technical Officer(Software Developer) (B-16)
23 Two (02) posts of Assistant Technical Officer(System Engineer) (B-16)
24 Ten (10) posts of Inspector Legal (B-16)
25 Fifty (50) posts of Sergeant (B-16)
26 Sixteen Hundred (1600) posts of Corporal (B-14)
BPSC Jobs 2022-Consolidated ADVERTISEMENT No. 01/2022


there is an online application submission option on bpsc official website: Apply Online
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Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Jobs 2022

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Latest Jobs in FPSC | FPSC Latest Jobs | How to Apply for FPSC jobs | New Jobs

New Jobs in Federal Public Service Commission 2022

Latest Jobs FPSC Consolidated Advertisement No. 01/2022; The federal public service commission has announced Latest Jobs 2022 for different positions. All you need to know how to apply and when to apply. In most recent Advertisement of Federal Public Service Commission 2022 many job vaccancies are annouced for all pakistan. below is the complete details of jobs posts, nature of post, and comrehinsive details about Advertisement, challan and how to Apply online.

Latest Jobs FPSC 2022
Latest Jobs FPSC 2022

Jobs Description/Position

Assistant Private Secretary
Inspector Customs/Intelligence Officer
Junior Librarian
Medical Officer
Deputy Chief
Assistant Director
Valuation Officer
Assistant Chief
Superintending Engineer
Research Officer
Executive Engineer
Assistant Executive Engineer
Store Officer
1-Assistant Headmistress
2-Assistant Programmer
3-Assistant Professor Chemistry
4-Assistant Professor Computer Sciences
5-Assistant Professor Mathematics
6-Assistant Professor Statistics

Consolidated Advertisement No. 01/2022

To View and Download Complete Consolidated Advertisement No. 01/2022 Click here: Consolidated-Advertisement-01-2022

To Download Challan: Form

To Apply Online: How to Apply Online for FPSC Jobs 2022

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Ministry of Railways Jobs 2021

Ministry of Railways Jobs-2021 | Latest Jobs 2021 in Ministery of Railways | |

Jobs Description for Railways Jobs-2021 :

  1. Accounts Officer
  2. Administration Manager
  3. Business Manager
  4. Chief Financial Officer
  5. Company Secretary
  6. Director Business Management
  7. Director Operations
  8. Executive Director
  9. Head TXR CWI
  10. Legal Advisor
  11. Management Trainee
  12. Manager IT
  13. Project Specialist

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Recruitment of Doctors & Paramedical Staff for Taiba Hospital, Kuwait

The Taiba Hospital, Kuwait, a private hospital, urgently requires the services of Doctors and Paramedical staff who fulfill
the prescribed qualifications and experience for the following posts: – LAST DATE TO APPLY 30/11/2021

Category Qualifications Experience Gender Age Salary

  1. Urology Consultant
  2. Physical Medicine Consultant
  3. Dermatology Consultant
  4. Plastic Surgery Consultant
  5. Anaesthesia Consultant
  6. ICU Consultant
  7. Radiology Consultant
  8. Anesthesia Specialist FCPS or equivalent in the
  9. Laboratory Registrar
  10. Pediatrics Registrar
  11. Radiology Registrar
  12. Orthopedics Registrar
  13. Anaesthesia Registrar
  14. Urology Registrar
  15. Plastic Surgery Registrar
  16. General Surgery Registrar
  17. Obstetrics & Gynecology Registrar
  18. Dental – Oral Surgery Registrar
  19. Physiotherapist
  20. Cath Laboratory Technologist
  21. Electroencephalographic (EEG)
  22. Electromyograph (EMG)
  23. Neuro Technologist
  24. Emergency Medical Technologist
  25. Dental Hygienist
  26. Laboratory Technologist
  27. Registered Nurse

Terms and Conditions:
i. Free sharing Accommodation & Transport will be provided by company to and from Accommodation to Hospital.
ii. Food Allowance will be included in the Basic Salary.
iii. Work Insurance & Medical will be provided by company.
iv. Contract term 3 years and Renewable.
v. Probation period 100 days.

vi. Duty 8 hours a day in 6 days a week. More than overtime as per Kuwait labor law.
vii. Leave every year for 30 days.
viii. Working location will be inside the shade & Kuwait only not deploy for Iraq.
ix. Joining air ticket from Pakistan to Kuwait and ending contract from Kuwait to Pakistan will be provided by the company.
x. Company will not deduct any visa charges from worker’s salaries.
i. Interested candidates may apply online through OEC Website
ii. Applicant will submit/attach the deposited Bank Challan for amounting Rs 1,000 (against each position) and the “Challan Form” an be
downloaded from
a. Option #1: Visit any HBL Branch submit the bank challan in Account No.0112-79010447-03.
b. Option #2: Pay online in HBL (Islamabad) Account No. 0112-79010447-03.
c. Option #3: Pay online from outside Pakistan HBL IBN # PK84 HABB 0001127901044703


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Overseas Jobs for Doctors and Nurses.

Overseas Jobs for Doctors and Nurses-Job Categories and Details are bellow follow the guidlines given in the link and download advertisement and challan form from the links given belllow.

Note: Recruitment of Retired Doctors & Register Nurses for Ministry of Health,
Republic of Maldives

1- Gynacologist
2- Anesthetists
3- Radiologist
4- General Physician
5- General Surgeon
6- Hematologist
7- Medical Officer
8- Registered Nurses

Last date to Apply is 28/11/2021
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