A. Most sun absorbent

B. Hides from animals

C. Red & Blue

D. Water absorbing

Details Why are plants green:

Always wondered this because, when you think about it, green also stands out to animals and black absorbs the most sun. Checked, and the cause is chlorophyll, which is responsible for photosynthesis, the process by which red and blue light from the sun’s rays are absorbed and combined into green. In addition, plants in the natural world that were darker in color or blacker would burn from the heat.

A. Nervous system

B. Respiratory system

C. Cardiovascular system

D. Digestive system

Details About Huntington’s Disease:

A genetic condition known as Huntington’s disease (HD) causes the neurons in some areas of the brain to slowly degenerate and die. The illness targets different parts of the brain, including those involved in the regulation of voluntary (intentional) movement.

A. 1,000 pounds (453.592kg)

B. 10,000 pounds (4535.924kg)

C. 100,000 pounds (45359.237kg)

D. 1,000,000 pounds (453592.37kg)

Details About How much does the average cloud weigh:

Even though they seem light and fluffy, clouds are a heavy mixture of gasses made mostly of water, weighing an average of 1.1 million pounds each cloud. To put things in perspective, the average human consumes 19,800 gallons of water during their lifetime, compared to the 290,000 gallons of water found in an average cloud. Additionally, clouds typically pass by around two hours.

A. Supernovae explosions

B. Red giant stars

C. White dwarf mergers

D. Pulsar collisions

Details About Magnetars are believed to be formed from the remnants of:

A star with a mass 10–25 times that of the Sun collapsed to create them. A tablespoon of the material inside a magnetar would have a mass of more than 100 million tons due to the magnetar’s internal density.

A. Elephants

B. Whales

C. Great White Shark

D. Rhino

Facts About the Animal that Stays Pregnant the Longest:

Elephants give birth in 22 months, 2.5 times longer than the typical person and 2 months longer than the whale, which has the second-longest delay. This is due to a few factors. First, weight: newborn elephants weigh 250 pounds. The brain comes next; newborn elephants have developed brains from birth. The delayed hormonal process comes in third.

A. Leg count

B. Web abilities

C. Density of skin

D. Intelligence

Details About Why aren’t spiders’ insects:

Though there are more than 900,000 insect species on the planet, none of the 51,673 species of spiders are found there. The rationale is that while some insects, like ants, are categorized as having six legs, other organisms such as spiders, ticks, millipedes, and many more are not considered insects. They don’t fly or have antennae, but this is the primary explanation.

A. Brain

B. Blood

C. Lungs

D. Bones

Details About Most common cancer for kids:

Although leukemia accounts for only 3.4% of all cancer cases and less than 1% of instances in adults, it is the most frequent juvenile cancer, affecting 1 in 4,000 children annually and accounting for 28% of all childhood cancer cases. Although the exact etiology is unknown, a common belief is that it results from a random mutation in white blood cells caused by the parents.

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