A. Mineral wool

B. Perlite

C. Cellulose

D. Coconut coir

Details About Production of Electronic Soil (eSoil):

An innovative substance called Electronic Soil is utilized to boost hydroponic garden growth. It is a combination of polystyrene sulfonate and cellulose ethylenedioxythiophene. Whereas PEDOT: PSS is an organic mixed ionic electrical conductor, cellulose is a biopolymer. Because of the material’s electrical conductivity, producers can benefit from past studies that found that the electrical stimulation of barley seedlings can accelerate the development rate without using a lot of electricity or high voltages. During a 15-day test, the eSoil demonstrated its promise by outperforming rockwool substrate by 50%.

A. Electrocardiogram
B. ElectroCynthetic
C. Electric cellgenin
D. None of these

Brief Facts About this MCQ:

An electrocardiogram records the electrical signals in your heart. It’s a common and painless test used to quickly detect heart problems and monitor your heart’s health. below are some important Abbreviation mostly used in the bio/medical field;

Most Important Biology Mcqs

Insulin and glucagon are produced in the?

A. Hypothalamus

B. Anterior pituitary

C. Liver

D. Pancreas

Genes are cut from DNA.

A. Ligase

B. Restriction Endonuclease

C. Urokinesis

D. Lipase

Under the lungs there is a thick muscular layer that is known as?

A. Diaphragm

B. Bladder

C. Kidney

D. Ureter

Each trait studies in plea plant had_____distinct form.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Streptomycin drug is obtained from?

A. Fungi

B. Animals

C. Bacteria

D. Plants

Breakdown of glucose molecule in the presence of oxygen called:


B. Mitosis

C. Both A and B

D. None of the above

The sperms of rabbit (male) are deposited in the female rabbit inside:

A. Horns

B. Cervix

C. Follicle

D. Ovaries

To preserve fruits, vegetables and pickle we add.

A. Water and yogurt

B. Salt and acid

C. Flour and salt

D. Onion and garlic

The type of environment in which a particular species lived is known as:

A. Ecosystem

B. Habitat

C. Biosphere

D. Community

Male gametes are called:

A. Sperms

B. Eggs

C. Testes

D. Ovaries

A coordinated action has components:

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

When there is a situation when two dissimilar alleles of genetic factor pair express themselves entirely, instead of displaying a leading recessive relationship is called.

A. Incomplete dominance

B. Co-dominative

C. Complete Dominance

D. None of these

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