Durand Line is a common border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is a long and very rough and tough border that is spreading from North to South.

Afghanistan is popularly known as ‘Graveyard of Empires’ and there is high role of Topography and strategic position of Afghanistan in it.

Total length of Durand Line

The total length of Durand Line is 2670 Kilometers or 1660 miles. It is very lengthy border along with the border of Pakistan. The Durand Line or Pak-Afghan border is also popular due to its porous nature.

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Graveyard of Empires – Afghanistan

Graveyard of Empires Afghanistan
Graveyard of Empires- Afghanistan

Graveyard of Empires – Afghanistan: The state of Afghanistan is a very important state. It is located adjacent to Pakistan. The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as Durand Line. The total area of Afghanistan is 652,860 Square Kilometer. In this way, due to its large land area, Afghanistan is 44th largest country in the world. There are also remained the tough ties between due to the issue of Durand Line Border.

Afghanistan is one of the South Asian state that always remains in news due to its political and law and order situation. The political history of Afghanistan is so complicated and there remains always the situation of law and order in the country. Moreover, Afghanistan is popularly better known as Graveyard of Empires. Because many intruders tried to conquer Afghanistan, but they failed in their motives.

Why Afghanistan is known as Graveyard of Empires?

Why Afghanistan is called Graveyard of Afghanistan. There are various views of people regarding the title of Afghanistan as Graveyard of Empires or Graveyard of Kings. But the primary reason of calling is that many Kings and Empires tried to conquer Afghan state, but could not get success in their motives.

In the past, the first super power United Kingdom had tried to conquer Afghanistan. Although, the Britain Forces succeeded in their motives to some extent. But they could not get the comprehensive success in their motives.

Russian Destruction in Afghanistan 1979

Similar to Great Britain, the USSR also tried to get access to hot water through Afghan state in 1979. But the USSR forces also failed and faced high level of human causalities as well as property and ammunition loss due to failure of war in Afghanistan.

Taliban and Afghanistan Regime

Taliban are very popular when we talk about Afghanistan. Talibanization is a mindset that is popular in Afghanistan. Currently, there is government of Taliban in Afghanistan after the end of democratic set up of Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah.

In fact, they are the Taliban due to whom the Afghan state is known as Graveyard of empires or end of empires’ land. The Taliban are very strong nation who can defeat any one. Although, they have very limited number of resources and modern warfare weapons. But they have courage to fight against the intruders and foreign colonist.

Landlocked State – Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a landlocked state. A landlocked state is a state that has no border with sea or ocean. In this way, Afghanistan is one of the largest landlocked states in the world.

Graveyard of Empires Afghanistan
Afghanistan, Landlocked State

There is a number of reasons for the war between Russia and Ukraine. But the main reason primary reason of the war between these two countries is Ukraine’s desire for getting membership in NATO (Non-Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Reasons for War between Russia & Ukraine

Recently, in the year 2022, the Ukraine state showed a high desire for getting the membership of NATO to make its defense strong and unconquerable. This strategic move of Ukraine is dangerous and threatening to the power corridors of Russia. So, this is the reason that Russia attacks Ukraine. As the border of Ukraine is adjacent to Russia, therefore, Vladimir Putin decided to attack Ukraine.

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