Hajj is a religious obligation of Muslims that is performed in Saudi Arabia every year during the month of Zilhaj. This is one of the largest events of religious gatherings all over the world.

Muslims across the world gather in Makkah-Saudi Arabia and performed this religious obligation. In this regard, the Saudi Government issues a quota of Hajj for different Muslim states.

Return of Hajj Quota

This is almost the first time that the Pakistani Government has returned the Hajj quota to Saudi Government due to low number of applicants. The cost of Hajj in Pakistan vary from 0.17 million to 0.19 million which is very huge amount.

This is the number one reason of low number of Hajj Pilgrims from Pakistan for the year 2023. Whereas, the root cause of the low number of Hajj Pilgrims is economic situation, inflation and devaluation of Pakistani rupees.