Recently, a adverse kind of Lava eruption is occured in Maxico on the top of one of the old mountains of Mexico. This time the eruption is occured and there is no news of loss of human life or property.

Maxico is also among the states where there lots of active lave mountains. And these mountains have active lavas. Althiigh, the lavas in Mexico are not so dangerous. But still the danger is there.

There are many other states in the world where there are number of active volcanoes eruptions. Among them, Malysia, Indonesia, Japan, Philiphines and Taiwan are a few ones.

Today, on 21 March 2023 at almost 9:50 PM the earthquake has shaken almost the entire land of Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. The range of the earthquake was almost 7.7 on the rector scale. So, the jerks of the earthquake were very severe.

Countries hit by Earth Quake

According to the sources, apart from Pakistan, there are a number of other states which have witnessed the jerks of the earthquakes on the night of 21st March. Countries such as India, China, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The jerks were so severe that people come out of their homes and go towards the empty fields.

The history of earthquakes in Pakistan is very harsh. In the year 2005, the people of Pakistan and especially the people of Azad Kashmir faced a severe earthquake that is famously known as “the earthquake of 2005”. In this earthquake, almost 80000 people had been killed and several others were injured.

2005 EarthQuake in Pakistan

The earthquake of 2005 was severe in Azad Kashmir. The most affected areas of Azad Kashmir in the 2005 earthquake were Muzaffarabad, Bagh, and Neelum.

The 2005 earthquake left behind sufferings and sorrows for the people of Azad Kashmir. People including males, females, and students of schools, colleges, and universities were the most effectee of this earthquake.

What are the reasons for earthquakes?

The crust or uppermost layer of the earth is made of plates. There are various tectonic plates that comprised the entire land. Such as the Asian plate, Indian Plate, European plate, African plate, and American plate.

These plates are on the molten lava. So, with the passage of time and due to the increase of temperature in the Mantle or Core layers of the earth, various plates of the earth start a movement. This movement is of various kinds, like diverge movement, converge movement, and subversive movement.

As a result of these movements of the plates the earth shakes which is commonly known as the ‘earthquake’. As a result, the things, infrastructure, and people on the earth feel movements and vibrations.