Afghanistan Tragedy and Desire for Peace

Afghanistan and War on Terror

Afghan-US and Taliban

Afghanistan and War on Terror is a very interesting subject for everyone in the current arena. Because due to unrest in Afghanistan everyone in the South Asian region is affecting in different ways. The war on terror was actually a global war against terrorism which originally started by the US after the incident of 9/11. In two decades after the start of this war on terror almost 80000 people have killed. On the other side, almost 37 million people have displaced just because of different operations which have been started under the strategies of the War on Terror. Moreover, according to Brown University’s Watson Institute states the War on Terror cost almost 5.6 trillion dollars between the years 2001 and 2018.

The state of Afghanistan is a South Asian state which is located in the West of the Asian Continent. This state is famous for the warrior nature of people as well as a battleground for the international key players, such as America, Russia, England. In the past, many states tried to occupy the land of Afghanistan, such as England, Russia, and very recently the United States of America. But all in vain.

Graveyard of Empires

Moreover, the land of Afghanistan is better known as the “Graveyard of Empires“. It is better known because many empires in the past too desired to capture the land of Afghanistan. But all failed. Furthermore, the land of Afghanistan is important due to many factors. But the important factor is the location of Afghanistan in the region. Although, Afghanistan is a landlocked country. But it contains much importance with respect to strategic purposes.

After the 9/11 tragedy, the American state put all the burden of this incident on Usama Bin Laden. A Saudi national who was very famous at that time. To capture Usama Bin Laden and revenge for the tragedy of 9/11 America attacked Afghanistan in the year 2001. And this time American Officials gave the name of this strategic move as “War on Terror”. Pakistan was the key player who helped a lot during this American War on terror. But after the passage of almost two decades, now there is nothing in the hand of Americans. The only loss of human lives, capital, and ammunition in the land of Afghanistan.

Way Forward

It is very much true about the land of Afghanistan that no one can overcome it. Moreover, after the loss of billions of dollars and the killing of thousands of American and NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, now America is struggling for a peace agreement with the Afghan Taliban.

Later but better than never, it’s time for peaceful agreement between the American state and Afghanistan groups. Because unrest in Afghanistan is not in the interest of all the regional states, such as Pakistan, India, Iran, China, and the Central Asian States. So, it is the need of time to prefer table talk over war and bullet.

By and large, Afghanistan and War on Terror interconnected with each other. The war on terror was started by the United States of America after the 9/11 tragedy. But now America is striving for a respectable exit from Afghanistan.

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