Dananeer Mobeen Story of “Pawri Ho Ri Hai”

Dananeer Mobeen Pakistani Girl
Dananeer Mobeen Pakistani Girl

Dananeer Mobeen Pakistani Girl || Karachi Girl || Arshad Chai Wala

Dananeer Mobeen Story

Social media all over the world has brought sources of coming in limelight for many common people. In the same, way, very recently a girl named Dananeer Mobeen from Karachi Pakistan made a video of 5 seconds while saying this viral phrase “Pawri Ho Rhy Hai“.

This phase becomes so viral not only in Pakistan but in the rest of the world. Especially, in the Asian region, this video of Dananeer went viral. And everyone on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram making memes of this video and sharing with his friends.

Moreover, Dananeer last days while giving an interview to Reuters said that she could not believe that she would famous by making and sharing this video. Similarly, she also said that this video has changed her life. And there are scores of people who have been added to his life after the viral of this video.

In addition, Dananeer Mobeen also added that she has received more love and appreciation from Pakistan as well as from the rest of the world.

The 19 years old Dananeer Mobeen is of the view that this “Pawri Ho Rhy Hai” viral video has brought many changes in her life. As well many marketing companies, superstars, and artists have inspired after watching this video.

So, in the modern world of social media. It is very common to give fame to yourself by using means of social media. Because social media platforms are using by every one of us. And these platforms are very cheap to use.

Arshad Chai Wala

A few years back we have seen the picture of “Arshad Chai Wala“. In the case of Arshad, his photo was taken by a photographer girl who shared the image after taking it. The picture of Arshad went so viral that superstars and many media owners invited him to different TV programs.

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