Disaster Management in Pakistan

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Thesis Statement:

Although there are lots of disaster management institutes which are established in Pakistan. But their performance is poor. Every year scores of people have been killed due to poor disaster management techniques. There is a need for such disaster management institutes in Pakistan which take some proactive measures for the safety of people’s lives and their properties.


Pakistan is a disaster prone country and for the the purpose of protecting the lives of people from these disaster, there is need of proper planning and execution of that planning.

What are the prominent types of disaster?

Man-made disasters, such as, fire, global warming, climate change and war
Natural disasters, for instance, rains, flood, earth-quack, tornadoes, Tsunami etc.

Among these man-made and natural disasters, man-made disasters can be controlled and natural disasters can be minimized.

What are the impacts of Disasters?

  1. Loss of human lives in the result of disasters, as in 2005 earth quack almost 80000 people killed in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.
  2. Billions of dollars lost to the private properties of the people, such as destroying houses of people, etc.
  3. Similarly, on the other side, disasters also affect the economy of a country, in the shape of loss of infrastructure, bridges, and public properties.
  4. Moreover, disasters are also lethal for social progress and development.

What are the factors behind disasters?

  1. Human negligence is at the top with respect to the occurrence of man-made disasters, such as fires in buildings, fires in forests, etc.
  2. Poor management of the disasters.
  3. Seasonal monsoon rains are also caused a very huge loss to the economy of the people.
  4. Pakistan has located in the disasters prone location of the world.
  5. Poor planning regarding the management of natural and man-made disasters.
  6. Following reactive approaches instead of pro-active approaches, such as taking action after the occurrence of the loss or an incident.
  7. Lack of resources with the Disaster Management Authority.
  8. Lack of technical skills and absence of heavy machinery for the help of people during the time of disaster.

A Way Forward

  1. There is a need for decentralization of the Department of Disaster Management.
  2. Moreover, there is also a need to include some volunteers in this department for quick action at the time of any disaster.
  3. In addition. there is also a need for proving training to the employees and volunteers.
  4. Optimum availability of resources is also necessary.
  5. There must be an early warning system for natural as well as man-made disasters.
  6. The coordination level between the management and its lower-level departments must be high and effective.
  7. There must be biannual or annual training of the employees of Disaster Management Authority employees.


The issue of disasters e.g. natural as well as man-made is open to all of us. But there is a need for proper planning and management of that disaster to protect humanity from the havoc of these disasters. There is a need for a proactive approach to coping with these disasters.

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