Seven Injured as Gunman Fires Outside US Bar

Gunfire Incidents in America || Gun Fire Control || Gun Fire US Policy

Gunfire Incidents in America
Gunfire Incidents in America

The issue of gunfire in the United States of America is decades old. The people who are involved in this street gunfire or public place gunfire are common not only among the people above 30 age. But this social evil equally common among teenagers. One of the prominent reasons for this high number of incidents of gunfire is the easy availability of guns in America.

Recently, a man fired a handgun into a mob of people just outside of a bar in Philadelphia-America. Out of seven people, the condition of the four is critical according to the local police of Philadelphia. The shooting incident occurred on the night of Friday 26th of March 2021.

The CCTV video of the incident shows the entry of the gun shooter on a crowd who were standing just side by a busy bar. The local police reached the incident spot and collected 21 casing as well as several projectiles along with the block.

The issue of gunfire is so serious, lethal, and prominent in America that according to an estimation almost more than 50000 people have killed every year in America just because of such type of gunfire incidents.

A few months ago, a gunman fired on the crowd of a concert gathered for musical convert in one of the famous states of America. Similarly, many other such types of incidents are very common in the routine life of the American people. And American common people are so fed up with this situation. Now they want to get rid of this situation.

A Way Forward

Furthermore, every American president candidate during the election campaign promised to the people of America that he/she will ban all gun producers and control the activities of gun lobby which is very strong in America. But no American president could ever take any strong step against these gun lobbies. Because they are very strong groups. There is need of awaking the people from this dormant life style and need of social movement to protect the lives of the people from this blind death.

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