Global Warming a Threat to Humanity

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Thesis Statement:

Global warming is a real danger to human lives on earth in the coming days. The survival of Man on earth is uncertain in case of continuous rise in temperature. So, there is a need of controlling the situation through proper planning and global cooperation.


What are the prominent Impacts of Global Warming?

  1. Danger to human health, such as chances of Skin Cancer, eye burning, and other such issues in the human body.
  2. Loss of agricultural products, e.g. high temperature is not in the favor of many crops.
  3. The rise in temperature is also putting in danger the smooth flow of routine life and daily activities of people, as in the presence of heatwaves people cannot work in open fields.
  4. A rise in the sea level because of climate change or a rise in temperature also causes the melting of the iceberg at the polar region as well as from the intercontinental region which further enhances the volume of water in the ocean.
  5. Global warming is also dangerous for the transportation of goods through ships because global warming results in the shattering of ice-sheet into ice blocks on the surface of the ocean.
  6. Extinction of various species from the oceanic world as well as from the arid region.
  7. More and severe hurricanes, storms, and heavy rains as well as the flood in case of climate change and global warming

Which are the causes of Global Warming

  1. High consumption of carbon dioxide gases.
  2. Use of lethal and toxic chemicals in the agriculture sector and high level of usage of pesticides to protect the crops from pests.
  3. Increase in the percentage of concrete structure in main cities, as concrete structure also promotes the issue of global warming.
  4. Increase in the number of large-scale industries and number of vehicles.
  5. Usage of electrical and power-oriented appliances in daily life demands more power consumption and emission of carbon dioxide.

A Way Forward

  1. Dumping of garbage instead of putting it in the fire.
  2. Use of clean energy at a large level, such as the creation of power through hydel power, solar sources, wind sources, and oceanic waves sources.
  3. Promotion of public transport can decrease the high consumption of petroleum products, and this thing certainly lowers down the chances of global warming.
  4. More plantation inside the cities as well as at designated places in the surrounding of big cities apart from the forest regions.
  5. Finally, the global mutual cooperation and long-term strategy is the ultimate solution to cope with the issue of global warming and climate change.


Global warming or climate change is facts in the modern industrial world. To cope with this situation, it is the need of the hour to make strategies at global level. Because global warming is not the issue of a state or a region in the world. But it is a global issue and threat to all humanity.

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