Can Meaning be Fixed

CSS Essay Paper 2022-Can Meaning be Fixed

Thesis Statement:

Meaning changes according to change in location, time, culture and religion etc. Therefore, meaning cannot be fixed.


It is a famous proverb that “There is one thing permanent in the world and that is Change“. Change is a permanent thing in the world. Everything changes in the world with the passage of time and changes in location. Therefore, one cannot put something in a stagnant position for a longer period. Even rules, regulations, and social norms change with the passage of time. Therefore, change is the beauty of society.


  1. Different objects have various meanings at different places and with alteration in time.
  2. The death of a man is the end of life. but for many people, it is an entry into another world.
  3. The success of one person is the defeat of another perosn.
  4. The meaning of a thing or object changes according to change in different factors, such as religion, social values, and ethical norms.
  5. The meaning and purpose of things and objects change according to their features.
  6. The red color is a sign of job in China, but it is a symptom of anger in the many European States.
  7. One person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist. the case of Jihad in Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.
  8. Sun was a moving object during the medieval period, but later on, it was revealed that sun is a static object and all other heavenly bodies move around the sun.
  9. The strait of Gibraltar was a source of fear and no entry point for all the European states, but now everyone easily transports goods from this channel.
  10. Many diseases were considered incurable diseases in the past. But modern surgery and medicine have changed the concept and have cured many incurable diseases.
  11. Draconian Law and narrow-mindedness also hinder the right of people i.e. Freedom of speech.

Why Meaning should not be Fixed

  1. Fixing of meaning is not good for all. Because fixing of meaning can lead the society towards low progress, minimum development, and stagnant society.
  2. Moreover, we cannot fix the meaning most of the time. Because everything has a number of versions and meaning, characteristics, as well as liking and disliking of people, change with the passage of time.
  3. Similarly, it is a famous saying that “Only change is constant”. Therefore, continuous change is the beauty of the world. And people also do not like the stagnant thing. They want change.
  4. People want change in fashion, eating habits, living styles, and also people want change in their social, cultural, and political values.


It is a universal fact that meaning cannot be fixed. Moreover, fixing of meaning is not good for social, economic, political growth and development. Therefore, one should continuously try for innovation and change.

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