I Disapprove What You Say but I defend to death Your Right to Say

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Thesis Statement

Criticism is the footstep of development and progress in a society. Therefore, opposing the views and opinions of others is not a bad thing. But you should accept as well as support the right of others to say something. Because everyone has a right of freedom of speech.


In the modern world everyone knows the rights and liabilities of others. We should respect the rights of others. In this way, the mutual existence is possible in this world.

Manipulation of the Theme

I disapprove of what you say.
Defending the rights of others.
Opposing the opinions of others is the beauty of a society.
Why difference of opinion of opposition is a good thing?

Protecting the Rights of Others

There must be space for opposition into the society.
One should protect the rights of others while caring for the duties of himself.
One should protect the freedom of speech.
Why freedom of Speech should be protected.
Fundamental rights and freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech must be incorporated into constitution.

Why there must be limitation of freedom of speech?

Sometime people use this right of freedom of speech for defaming the others.
People harm the reputation of others by using the right of freedom of speech.
Democracy and right of freedom of speech.
Wrong use of freedom of speech may rise religious extremism.
Intolerance into the society is bad for freedom of speech.


Although freedom of speech is the basic right of everyone. This is one of the fundamental and the most important rights of human being. In human society different people are living in different scenarios. There are many religion, castes and nations that exist in this world. So, they all have different opinions regarding various subjects. In this scenario, there must be protection of rights of freedom of others. But there must be limitation of this freedom of speech. Because some time people use the platform of freedom of speech to harm the reputation of others. So, in this situation the quotation that is ” I Disapprove What You Say but I defend to death Your Right to Say” rightly explain the rights and duties of everyone of us.

CSS Essay Old paper

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