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Deep Mind, a network created by Google’s Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) network, has solved one of the biggest and most complex evolutionary challenges in biology. Deep Mind’s Elffold program has worked on this issue. This is called Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction or CASP.

The results that announced at a virtual conference last year. John Molt, a computational biologist at the University of Maryland in College Park, says this is a major achievement, aimed at accurately predicting the structure of proteins. Proper prediction of the protein structure from its amino acid sequence will undoubtedly be a revolution in biological science and medicine, as it will greatly advance efforts to understand the cell-building block, leading to the discovery of advanced drugs. It will be quicker and easier.

Modern Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Deep Mind participated in the last Caspian Conference of 2018 for the first time. But this time, Deep Mind’s network has made a much higher leap than the team of other scientists. It’s a mind-boggling feat that will revolutionize the biological sciences. It’s a game-changer.

Alpha Fold gave him the discovery of a starter that his lab has been working on for the past decade. Experts hope that this will change the way he asks questions and observes. It will change both medicine and research. It will also change biological engineering.

That would completely change everything. Lopez confidently said that in some cases alpha-fold predictions have already used in the ‘gold standard’ experimental methods such as X-ray crystallography and discovered in recent years. Creole electrons were no different from microscopy.

While the Alpha Fold will not invalidate these valuable and labor-intensive methods, artificial intelligence will still provide a variety of new ways to study biological objects. Proteins are the building blocks of life that cause internal changes in cells. ۔ How a protein works and what it does depends on its three-dimensional form.

Molecular Biology:

The structure around which the molecular biology revolves is the basis of its function. Proteins form themselves without any instructions only according to the laws of physics. Scientists were amazed at how many different amino acid chains of protein components twist and form into layers. Initially, attempts to use computers to diagnose it failed. Molt says artificial intelligence is having a huge impact in this area. Most of them are researchers in educational institutions. But now Microsoft and Chinese technology company “Ten Cent” have also joined Casp14. Muhammad al-Qureshi, a computational biologist at Columbia University in New York City, is a participant in CASP. Want to know the details of the alpha fold method in depth. According to Al-Qureshi, it will also be very detrimental to the forecasting structure of the protein structure. Its basics have been addressed. He added: Certainly a very remarkable scientific result

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