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Pakistan and Iran are two neighboring as well as Muslim Asian states. The current diplomatic relations between these two states are good, but the up-to-the optimum level where they should reach for regional and local progress and development. Furthermore, there are many local, regional and international factors that are responsible for the lack of strong diplomatic and trade relations between these two proximate states. For the purpose of social, political, economic, and financial development in these two states, there is a need for strong diplomatic and economic ties.

What are the hurdles in the way strong relations between Pakistan and Iran?

International Factors:

If we talk about the international factors which are responsible for fragile diplomatic and economic relations between Pakistan and Iran. The issue of International sanctions from the United States of America as well as from the United Nations is the primary factor that is creating a rift between Pakistan and Iran.

It is because under the international sanctions Pakistan cannot build strong diplomatic and trade ties with Iran. Since Iran has started the Nuclear Program, the world powers have put lots of sanctions on Iran to affect its economy and to compel her from closing the nuclear program. So, these sanctions are kind of diplomatic, financial, economic, and trade-related. These are the reasons that Pakistan cannot strengthen its economic and trade relations with Iran. And the results are bearing by the people of Iran and Pakistan.

What are the regional/local factors which are responsible for fragile Iran-Pak Relations?

Unlike the international factors which are responsible for the low level of economic and diplomatic relations between Iran and Pakistan; the local or regional factors are of different kinds. These factors relate to the law and order situations and border situations between the two neighboring states. First of all, the issue of terrorism in the bordering areas of Iran and Pakistan is a big issue. This issue is creating hurdles in the smooth way of trade and commercial activities. Secondly, the role of regional power in instigating both states against each other and sometimes the blame game are responsible for poor diplomatic and economic ties between Iran and Pakistan.


Strong economic and political relations have a win-win situation for both Iran and Pakistan. There is a need of putting aside all the differences and conflicts. Both Iran and Pakistan should focus on the progress and prosperity of their people and country.

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