Pakistan India Diplomatic Relationships

Pakistan India Diplomatic Relationships

Pakistan and India are the two South Asian states. But they long episodes of bitter diplomatic, social, and economic ties. There is a number of factors behind this roughness in relationships, such as the historic conflict of Kashmir, skirmishes at LOC, and terrorism.

On the other side, very recently Pakistan and India agreed upon a peace deal i.e. strict observance of entire agreements as well as ceasefire along the Line of Control (LOC). After the Pulwama Attack, the already existing rough relationships between India and Pakistan further entered into another episode of border skirmishes and cross-border clashes.

After the Pulwama Attack India has continuously breached the peace agreement that was made between India and Pakistan in the year 2003. Scores of people have been martyred in the region of Azad Jammu and Kashmir due to Indian cross-border firing at LOC. Moreover, the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir have also lost millions of rupees’ property along with their lives. In this way, the inhabitants of Azad Jammu and Kashmir have suffered a lot due to the Indian Brutalities.

Diplomatic and Economic Relations

Moreover, the diplomatic, social, and economic relationships between India and Pakistan have never seen a boom. Because there are few religious extremism factors on the Indian side that are not in the favour of strong diplomatic ties between the two neighboring and South Asia states.

With respect to the potential of these states for their role in regional development. There are lots of business and financial opportunities for these two states as well as for many other regional states. So, India and Pakistan can earn billions of dollars from the cross border and through strong commercial ties. For instance, India is the second-largest country in the world with respect to population and Pakistan is the 5th largest state of the world with regard to population. In this scenario, both states are a big market for each other.

Losing the Chance of Growth and Development

It is very unfortunate that India and Pakistan are not getting maximum output from their diplomatic and economic ties. Instead of having a proximate border. India and Pakistan have not given the Most Favorite Nation (MFN) status to each other. By giving the MFN status to each other, they can raise the level of trade up to billion dollars.

Recently, in February 2021, there break a news regarding the strict compliance of the Ceasefire truce of 2003 between Indian and Pakistan. The officials on both sides agreed to follow the terms of the Ceasefire Truce of 2003 strictly. This move of India and Pakistan is applauded across the world by the world leaders. Such as the United States of America as well as the United Nations-supported the India and Pakistan bid for peace in the region as well as on the India-Pakistan border.

Regardless of all the initiates for peace. There is a rift in the relationship between India and Pakistan. Because many times in the past, such types of initiatives were taken for the purpose of establishing peace. But there is a need for permanent and long-lasting peace. A peace that is acceptable for all regardless of any conditions and terms.

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