Which is the highest Military award in Pakistan?

A. Hilal-e-Jurat
B. Sitara-e-Jurat
C. Tamgha-e-Jurat
D. Nishan-e-Haider

Brief Facts about Nishan-e-Haider:

Nishan-e-Haider is the highest military award in Pakistan Military e.g. Air, Army and Navy Forces. The equivalent award is Hilal-e-Kashmir in Azad Kashmir that was awarded to Saif Ali Janjua for his life sacrifice on 26 October 1948. Up to date 10 Nishan-e- Haiders have been awarded to various military personnels, 9 from Army and 01 from Air Force. Whereas, all the Nishan-e-Haider are awarded posthumously (After the death of military personnel). The Nishan -e-Haider is made by Pakistan Mint on the direction of Ministry of Defense. Moreover, this medal is made of metals captured from the enemy, it is composed of 88% copper, 10% gold, and 2% zinc. Name of the Nishan-e-Haider awardees are as:

1- Raja Muhammad Sarwar Captain died on 27 July 1948.
2- Saif Ali Janjua Naik died on 26 October 1948.
3- Tufail Mohammad Major died on 7 August 1958.
4- Raja Aziz Bhatti Major died on 10 September 1965.
5- Rashid Minhas Pilot Officer died on 20 August 1971.
6- Muhammad Akram Major died on 5 December 1971.
7- Shabbir Sharif Major died on 6 December 1971.
8- Muhammad Hussain Janjua Sowar died on 10 December 1971.
9- Muhammad Mahfuz Lance Naik died on 17 December 1971.
10- Karnal Sher Khan Captain died on 5 July 1999.
11- Lalak Jan Havaldar died on 7 July 1999.

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