Terrorism is Deadly Against the Peace of a Country

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Thesis Statement:

Terrorism is a big problem not only in Pakistan but in the rest of the world. Millions of people have lost their life due to terrorism. There is a need to cope with this problem with a strong strategy and worldwide cooperation.


What are the Impacts of Terrorism in Pakistan?

  1. Terrorism has disturbed the law and order situation in Pakistan to a large extent.
  2. In Pakistan, almost 80000 people have been killed due to terrorist activities.
  3. Billions of dollars lost to the economy of Pakistan, as almost 125 billion dollars lost to the economy since the start of the war in terror.
  4. People are psychologically feeling fear while going to markets and public places.
  5. Moreover, terrorism activities have also reduced the tourist activities in Pakistan which have further reduced the percentage of foreign exchange.
  6. Foreign investors are also reluctant to invest in Pakistan due to the weak law and order situations.
  7. Similarly, local investors are also not ready to promote their commercial activities due to the fragile law and order situations.
  8. Loss of image at the international level as everyone is raising questions regarding the law and order situation in Pakistan.

What are the causes or primary factors responsible for terrorism in Pakistan?

  1. Pakistani involvement in the war on terror and retaliation from the terrorist groups inside Pakistan.
  2. Purus border with Afghanistan and infiltration of terrorist groups from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
  3. Role of interior terrorist groups.
  4. Role of enemy states in disturbing the law and order situation in Pakistan.
  5. Historical facts, such as Pakistan’s struggle to keep Russia away from entering Pakistan and support of the Afghan Taliban during the Russian War.
  6. The end of meddling into the affairs of other states is a key point to maintain peace all over the world.
  7. Moreover, religious extremism must become to an end for peace and prosperity.

A Way Forward

  1. There is a need for a holistic approach to deal with the menace of terrorism.
  2. The developed states should help the developing states in the matters of maintaining law and order situations.
  3. There is a need of cutting the strategic, financial, and all other types of support to the terrorist groups.
  4. Furthermore, the government should provide modern technologies to law enforcement agencies for dealing with terrorist groups.
  5. Media should play its role in educating people against the teachings of terrorist groups.


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