Are We Better Than our Ancestors

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Thesis Statement:

I partially agree with the statement that we are better than our forefathers. It is true that we are better than our forefathers in many fields. But we are far behind in many other social and moral values. Therefore, it is a need of our to follow those moral, ethical, and social values of our ancestors along with the adoption of modern technologies.


Man in the current world has made lots of advancements in different fields. The information technology sector has brought tremendous developments and has made progress in different social, economic, political, financial, communication, infrastructure, and industrial sectors.

How we are better than our Forefathers:

  1. Man has conquered nature by inventing different machines and technologies.
  2. The modern man has invented remedy for many incurable diseases, the cure of which was considered impossible or very tough in the Age of our ancestors, such as, plague, Cancer, etc
  3. Human beings have discovered new ways and means of communication, such as the invention of airplanes, railways, the internet, telephones, and computers, etc.
  4. The invention of modern agricultural techniques and equipment has also made the life of people full of easiness and calmness.
  5. Moreover, the industrial developments in different respects and production of goods in a clean and neat environment.
  6. Furthermore, the production of goods in large quantity along with better quality has also solved the issue of hunger and scarcity of food.
  7. Modern communications means has solved the issue of hectic traveling issues in past.
  8. Now we have better civic facilities as compared to our forefathers.

In which values/fields we are far Behind to our Ancestors

  1. With respect to moral values, we are far behind our forefathers.
  2. Moreover, the elements of corruption and nepotism were also very low in percentage in the previous Age of our ancestors.
  3. The social bondings were all-time high during the Age of our forefathers.
  4. The level of street crimes and heinous crimes against humanity were also small in numbers during the era of our ancestors.
  5. Our ancestors were not showy people, they led very simple life.
  6. They were caring and sympathetic people.

Bottom Line

Although, we are living a better life as compared to our ancestors with respect to modern technologies. But with regard to social and moral values we are lacking such high values which our ancestors were following. It is the need of the hour to follow such social, moral and ethical values for a peaceful and happy life in future.

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