What are the main Hurdles in our Way to be an Independent Nation

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Thesis Statement:

Independent or morally and financially strong nations in the world are the real powers of the world. There are very few states that are really independent in handling their all matters. For independent Pakistan, there is a need for an economically and financially strong Pakistan.


What are the measures or parameters to gauge the independence of a country or the sovereignty of a state?

Factors that restrict a truly independent Pakistan

  1. Critical analysis of the independence of Pakistan in the last almost 73 years.
  2. What are the true hurdles in the way of true independent Pakistan?
  3. Political problems in the way of achieving sovereignty in Pakistan.
  4. Problematic borders with the neighboring states and issue of unrest in the proximate states.
  5. Role of military and its intervention in the political matters of Pakistan as blamed by the political parties.
  6. Lack of consensus among the political parties is also a major factor in the absence of independent and sovereign Pakistan.
  7. The issues of fragile foreign policy are also a hurdle in the smooth way of independent Pakistan.
  8. Repeated issues of law and order and continuous incidents of terrorism across the country.

Administrative Issues which are creating a scenario of Dependent Pakistan

  1. The behavior of bureaucracy and red tap-ism in government offices.
  2. Justice delayed is justice denied.
  3. Unfair and selective as well as a seasonal accountability system.
  4. The vicious circle of poverty in Pakistan especially in rural areas.
  5. High inflation rate and poor economic condition of the people.
  6. Similarly, the issue of undocumented economy is also a vital issue in the way of independent Pakistan.
  7. Religious issues are also important to consider for national independence.

Social Hurdles in the way of truly Independent Pakistan

  1. Marginal role of women in every walk of life and treating women as a separate subject.
  2. Division of society into classes and influence of landlords as well as feudal.
  3. Moreover, uncontrolled growth of the population is a burden on national resources.

How can we a truly Independent nation?

  1. First of all economic Independence and economic progress is necessary for achieving the goal of true independence.
  2. There must be national integration in all matters.
  3. There must be a rule of law, everyone must be equal before the law.
  4. The system of accountability must be strong and it must flourish all over the country without any distinction.
  5. A transparent system of government should also prevail.
  6. Moreover, the social and ethical values of a nation individually and collectively must be on high footings.


Truly independent Pakistan needs equal progress of every nook and corner of the country without any distinction. Furthermore, economic stability and progress are the keys to achieving a truly independent and sovereign Pakistan.

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