Energy Crisis in Pakistan and a Way Forward

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Thesis Statement:

The energy crisis is one of the prominent problems in Pakistan. It is affecting the National Income to a large extent. Because in the modern Age every sector of the economy is associated with the optimum provision of energy.


What are the reasons or factors of Energy Crisis in Pakistan?

  1. Import of energy resources from foreign states, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar, etc.
  2. Fragile planning regarding the management of resources.
  3. The high amount of circular debt.
  4. Increase in population abruptly and poor management regarding the provision of resources to the people.
  5. Poor energy mix, as most of the burden of the energy demand is on few energy resources, such as furnace oil and gas.

What are the consequences of energy crisis in Pakistan?

  1. Low economic growth and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  2. Flight of capital towards nearby states.
  3. Rise in the unemployment rate which further result in poverty and hunger.
  4. Low investment in the economy due to lack of energy resources.
  5. Poor working conditions throughout the country.
  6. The energy crisis in Pakistan is also affecting the export of Pakistan to the rest of the world.

What is the solution of energy problem in Pakistan?

  1. There must be strategic planning regarding the solution to the energy problem in Pakistan.
  2. The strategy must consist of short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning.
  3. Moreover, the government should focus on the use of clean energy, such as solar power, wind power, and hydel power.
  4. The issue of circular debt must be resolved immediately to resolve the problem of the energy crisis in Pakistan.
  5. It is also the need of the out to use energy conservative appliances.
  6. The government should also promote public transport for less consumption of energy resources.


The energy crisis in Pakistan is a very serious issue. The government officials must resolve the issue through thick and thin. Because it is a issue all over Pakistan and its is attached to National welfare and economic growth.

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