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Thesis Statement:

It is universal a universal fact that a beautiful thing is a source of enjoyment and amusement all the time. No one can deny the facts and charms of beautiful things. Moreover, there are various instances of beautiful things, such as natural and man-made beauty. Among all these things natural beauty is more beautiful than man-made beauty.


It is generally said that beauty is in the eyes of onlookers. But it is also important to have some beauty in the thing itself. By and large, beautiful things are a source of enjoyment and calmness for every one of us regardless of gender and age group. In addition, the other interesting thing about the beautiful thing is that these beautiful things spell charms on your personality for a longer run.

Amplification of the statement:

There are two major types of beautiful things

  • Natural beauty
  • Artificial or man-made beauty

The beauty of human face is enticing for many of us. As one of the English poet said that

“I wonder how nature could ever find such a space

For so many contrasts in one human face”

The beauty of flowing rivers, streams, and canals is also a source of amusement for every one of us.

Also the beauty of human child is very common, and human early age is liked by every one of us.

Animals are also so beautiful that some people feel pleasure to live with them.

Moreover, the beauty of start and moon at night time is also provide a source enjoyment.

The beauty of flying birds into the air also provide a source of enjoyment and pleasure.

Similarly, the beauty of green fields and natural scenery are also catch the eyes of beauty lovers.

Additionally, the beauty of flying into the air through airplane and helicopter is also a source of enjoyment.

The beauty of man-made edifices is also a source of calm and recreation of human beings.


It is an accepted fact that beauty is a source of love and pleasure for every one of us. Every one of us likes to see and enjoy the beauty of nature as well as artificial things in different places. The good thing about beautiful things is that when you see or observe a beautiful thing, you enjoy its beauty for all of your rest of life. Every time you think about a beautiful thing, you feel calm and pleased. In short, you can enjoy just thinking about the beautiful things and scenes.

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