A. Japan

B. Russia

C. England

D. France

Brief facts about UN Security Council Presidency

The UN Security Council Presidency rotates among the 15 members. For every new month, the presidency is changed and a new members assume the charge of presidency.

Security Council Presidency

The presidency of the UN Security Council is held by each of the members in turn for one month, following the English alphabetical order of the Member States names.


Month Presidency End of Membership Term
January 2023 Japan 31 December 2024
February 2023 Malta 31 December 2024
March 2023 Mozambique 31 December 2024
April 2023 Russian Federation Permanent Member
May 2023 Switzerland 31 December 2024
June 2023 United Arab Emirates 31 December 2023
July 2023 United Kingdom Permanent Member
August 2023 United States         Permanent Member
September 2023 Albania 31 December 2023
October 2023 Brazil 31 December 2023
November 2023 China Permanent Member
December 2023 Ecuador 31 December 2024