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Brief facts about Vatican City:

Vatican City is located in Europe. It is governed by the Pope, which is the highest religious post in all over the world. Vatican City is a type of Sacerdotal-monarchical or ecclesiastical state (a kind of Theocracy).

Jorge Mario Bergoglio commonly known as Pope Francis was elected the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in March 2013 He has become Pope Francis. He is the first pope from the Americas.

Moreover, Vatican City is surrounded by the Rome-Italy. Capital of this small state is also known as Vatican City. It shares 2 miles border with Italy and there is a total area of this state is just about 100 Acre or 0.49 Kilometer or 0.19 Miles. According to the 2019 statistics the population of this small state is consisted of 829 individuals and most of such individuals are religious personalities.

Likewise, Vatican City is commonly known as the world smallest country with low population and smallest land area. Vatican City is the independent state that is totally run and administer by the pope i.e. highest sacred seat among the Roman Catholics in the world.

Apart from these facts of Vatican City, the total systems of this world smallest state are manage by the state itself. There is no tax or any other types of levy imposed on the populace of this state. In addition, the income or revenue of this state is generated from the donations of the Voluntaries all over the world.

Further, Vatican City has its own banking and administration system. All the foods and other things are imported from the neighboring states and there is no restriction on any types of import and export. In fact, this state is biggest center of Roman Catholic a sect of Christianity in the world.