A. 1990
B. 1995
C. 1997
D. 1999

Brief Facts About MMX Technology:

MMX is a Pentium microchip from Intel that’s designed to run quicker once taking part in transmission applications. per Intel, a computer with AN MMX microchip runs a transmission application up to hour quicker than one with a microchip having identical clock speed however while not MMX. Additionally, MMX microchip runs alternative applications regarding 100% quicker. The MMX technology consists of 3 enhancements over the non-MMX Pentium microprocessor: Firstly -57 new microchip directions are else that ar designed to handle video, audio, and graphical knowledge a lot of with efficiency. Secondly; A new method, Single Instruction Multiple Data ( SIMD ), makes it potential for one instruction to perform identical operation on multiple knowledge things. Third; The buffer on the microchip has multiplied to thirty two thousand bytes, which means fewer accesses to memory that’s off the microchip.