How did the Ashraf Ghani Government end? The USA Suppressed the Most Important Secrets.

How did the Ashraf Ghani Government end? ? That’s the million dollar question in everyone’s mind But; The United States has kept all information on how the Ashraf Ghani government suddenly came to an end. According to British media, Inspector General John Sopko of SIGAR, the US watchdog for reconstruction in Afghanistan, has said that the only thing that can be known about the events of August is that If the US Department of Defense and the State Department disclose all information that is not accessible to the public, a State Department spokesman said that due to security concerns associated with the evacuation efforts, the department had asked for some information to be temporarily removed.

The identity of the public and partner organizations must be secret. According to the spokesman, SIGAR has the authority to restore these reports to its website for public access. SIGAR Inspector General John Sopko told reporters that After the Taliban took control of Kabul, the State Department requested He should temporarily suspend online access to some of the reports to ensure the safety of Afghans affiliated with the United States. Never made it clear.

The inspector general said the State Department had asked for the removal of another 2,400 items on SIGAR’s website. He said: After reviewing the State Department’s request, SIGAR has removed only four links from the website and restored public access to the rest.

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