A. $1,500

B. $34,000

C. $290,000

D. $1,100,000

Details About the Most expensive speeding ticket ever:

Switzerland has more than 1,000 speed cameras that automatically charge violators, and the amount of the fine is determined by the driver’s income. The country has a strong anti-speeding policy. A multimillionaire man was detected speeding at 125 miles per hour in a 20-mile zone in 2010. He was hit with fines of $1.11 million as a result.

A. Rubik Cube

B. Monopoly

C. Tickle Me Elmo

D. Hungry Hungry Hippo’s

Explanation About Highest Selling Toy Ever:

Rubik Cube’s were invented in 1974 by a Hungarian inventor but took until 1980 when they were picked up in US stores. Eventually, they gained popularity from people who were writing books on how to solve them and got marketed as an educational toy. Since that point, over 450 million units have been sold of the original Rubik’s Cube, more than any toy in the original version ever.

A. United States

B. Egypt

C. Mexico

D. Singapore

Details About Most Religiously Diverse Country:

Most countries have a majority of people in one religion or at least a similar religion, with 63% of Americans being Christian and 85% from Christian backgrounds. Singapore is very different, with 31% Buddhist, 19% Christian, 16% Muslim, 9% Toa, 5% Hindu, and over 20% having no religion. This is by far the most diverse place on earth faith-wise, due to a mix of Asian and Indian populations, with missionaries.

A. United States

B. Japan

C. Andorra

D. Liechtenstein

Details About The country with the most senior citizens:

While Japan makes games and franchises for the young, they have a lot of older people, where 26% of their population is over the age of 65. Just compare, the US is only 17%, and globally, it is 10%. The reason is Japan is one of the highest life expectancy nations, at 84.6 Years. Also, many Japanese people do not have kids, so in 2050, 38% of all Japanese people will be over 65.

A. Name of a country
B. Name of army
C. Name of a military exercise
D. Name of a Company

Brief Facts about Malta?

Malta is an archipelago (Group of Islands) and European state located in central Mediterranean. This country is known for its historic sites of Moors, Romans, British, French and Knights of Saint John.