general knowledge mcqs
General Knowledge Mcqs

Which of the state is not the member of European Union?

A. Malta

B. Ireland

C. Germany

D. Norway

Suez Canal is located between?

A. Red Sea and North Sea

B. Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea

C. Arabian Sea and India Sea

D. None of these

Where is headquarter of Green Peace International?

A. Geneva

B. Amsterdam

C. Austria

D. None of these

When did OIC change its name from Organization of Islamic Conference to Origination of Islamic Cooperation?

A. 2010

B. 2011

C. 2009

D. 2008

Which is the most powerful organ of UNO?

A. General Assembly

B. Security Council

C. Secretariat

D. None of these

Which of the state is better known as Land of Thousand Islands?

A. India

B. Maldives

C. Indonesia

D. Malaysia

Where does Yellow Sea lie?

A. Between China and Korea

B. Between India and Nepal

C. Between Ukraine and Russia

D. None of these

Which is the smallest sea of the world?

A. South China Sea

B. Yellow Sea

C. Baltic Sea

D. Arabian Sea

Where is world famous “Golden Gate Bridge”?

A. Islamabad

B. Washington

C. London

D. San Francisco

When Earth day is observed Internationally?

A. 10 April

B. 12 April

C. 22 April

D. 25 April