A. 1 Hijri (01 AH)
B. 2 Hijri (02 AH)
C. 3 Hijri (03 AH)
D. None of these

Brief Facts about Gazwahs (Battles in which Holy Prophet took part):

Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) took part in many battles against the infidel (Kafar) of Makkah. Below are the famous battles (Gazwahs) in which Holy Prophet PBUH took part:

The first battle was Gazwah Badar-1 Hijri.
The second battle was Gazwah-e-Ohad-2 Hijri
The Third Battle was the Battle of Trench better known as Gazwah-e-Khandaq-5 Hijri
The fourth Battle was Khyber- 7 Hijri
The fifth Battle was Macca – 8 Hijri
The sixth Battle was Battle of Hunain- 8 Hijri
The seventh Battle was Tabuk- 9 Hijri