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Thesis Statement:

The absence of good governance has remained a very big issue in Pakistan. The state of Pakistan is facing lots of social, cultural, educational, economic, financial, and political problems due to bad governance at different levels. It is the need of the hour to bring good governance in every nook and corner of Pakistan for swift progress and development.

What are the issues of Bad Governance in Pakistan or

What are the consequences of Bad Governance in Pakistan

The economic condition of Pakistan is deplorable, as every indicator of the economy showing the dismal state of affairs of the state.

Low level of trust of foreign states in the political leadership due to bad governance, as rampant corruption is eroding the trust of foreign world leaders.

A higher level of poverty, according to Transparency international millions of people in Pakistan are living below the poverty line.

The unemployment rate is very high and unemployed young men are committing suicide due to hunger and unemployment.

The social evils are at an all-time high, such as poverty, begging, street crimes, child labor, and women harassment, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan every year thousands of women are killed in Pakistan in the name of honor.

The uneven development of different regions shows the true picture of bad governance in Pakistan. As some regions are highly developed while others are still deprived of their basic rights, such as lack of health facilities, minimum educational facilities, and low level of employment opportunities.

It is also the big example of bad governance in Pakistan that big foreign, as well as locally sponsored projects, are not completed in time, due to which their cost increases. And this results in billions of losses to the national exchequer.

The level of corruption is very high, according to the report of Transparency International Pakistan is among the top-level states where the percentage of corruption is high.

Nepotism and red-tapism are also high in the government department which shows the crystal clear picture of bad governance in Pakistan

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What are the reasons/factors for Bad Governance in Pakistan?

There are lots of reasons of bad governance in Pakistan, as mentioned below:

The institute of anti-corruption is not independent, for good governance, the institute of anti-corruption must be strong.

The system of true and fair accountability system is also not present in true colors in Pakistan.

Procrastination has become the way of business in every walk of life which further promote bad governance.

Political deadlock or political instability is also a factor behind the bad governance in Pakistan.

Democratic values are not present in their true forms.

A Way Forward

It is need of the hour to promote the culture of transparency and integration.

Moreover, there is also a need to promote democratic values in Pakistan. Because democratic values promote good governance, as in the case of Switzerland and Norway. These states are at high footing with respect to democratic values which further results in good governance and better management.

There must be a strict rule of law in the country, everyone should be equal before the law. And there must not one law for the ones and another law for the others.

There is also a need for swift large-scale industrialization for making Pakistan a developed state. The examples of Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan are in front of us.

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