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Tan Safely with amazing tips

Summers have arrived now! It’s the time to ditch those heavy clothes and enjoy the outside sun. But the trick is to tan safely!

It is sad to reveal that there are number of risks involved with tanning thus there is no way to tan safely. It is very important tan safely to minimize the risk of sun exposure otherwise it will make you suffer from ailments like painful sunburns, sun spots, wrinkles, sagging skin and premature signs of aging.
Wearing sunscreen is one of the best ways to get tanned safely. It contains SPF that protects skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and gradually tans skin and prevents it from burning.

After getting tanned, it is indeed important to maintain it. It’s true that nobody wants to lose that golden hue to disappear all of a sudden. So do apply a good quality moisturizer twice a day. This will prolong the amount of the time that your tan will last, by preventing yourself from peeling. Remember once you peel kiss your tan goodbye!

Tanning salons also provide you controlled tanning settings. They set the time limit of you tan and choose the power of radiation. It provides you a good base before you actually tan naturally. You can visit tanning salon couple of times before a warmer climate to lessen the chances of your winter-long pale complexion getting burned with sun exposure. You must wear sunscreen or sunblock even after achieving base, because you can still get sunburned without any necessary precautions.
There are number of self-tanning creams available in markets these days to avoid those splotchy and orange looking skin. Use those creams only which have visible color and not transparent ones so that you can actually see how much you are applying. Please first test in first on small pot of your body . Before using, make sure it is totally dry and properly exfoliated. There are number of precautions that should be taken before using a self-tanner but it is still safer than natural tanning. Some recommended name brands are Neutrogena, Bain de Soleil and Ombrelle.

Do you know that key for getting the perfect tan is moderation, so one should not overdo it? Remember that less is more. So if you are dying to beat those winter blues and get yourself same color to look that much alive, then you must go for these amazing ways to tan yourself in safe manner.

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