Two Assistant Commissioners Suspended Over Subsidized Sugar Scam

Subsidized Sugar Scam in Pakistan
Subsidized Sugar Scam in Pakistan

What is happening in Sugar’s World?

Subsidized Sugar Scam in Pakistan – In a recent move, the Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Punjab Iram Bukhari has suspended two Assistant Commissioners from service due to the selling subsidized sugar out of Ramzan Bazar. The first one is from the Subdivision of Okara i.e. Depalpur Rana Aurangzeb and the second one is from Muzaffargarh.

Over the public hues and cry in Sub-division Depalpur, the Deputy Commissioner Okara Amir Aqeeq held an enquiry in the matter and send a detailed report to the Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Punjab Iram Bukhari on 15th of April 2021.

Moreover, the inquiry report revealed that a sugar dealer named Ijaz was authorized the Assistant Commissioner Depalpur Rana Aurangzeb to lift the sugar from mills and supply the same to markets/shops with the help of another person named Nawaz who is a clerk at the Municipal Corporation Depalpur that is not authorized to buy such subsidized sugar.

In fact, that subsidized sugar is for the Sasta Ramzan Bazars that are established by the Government to provide cheap and subsidized sugar as well as other goods to the general public.

Similarly, in Muncipal Committe Haveli Lakhan a person with the name Baber has a free hand to deal in sugar. Baber has given the entire stock of sugar to his brother-in-law Tariq Zargar who was not a trader at all. Nawaz and baber were incharge of Ramzan Bazars in Dipalpur and Haveli Lakhan respectively.

Fact Finding Committee

Furthermore, the DC Okara has also asked to Anti Corruption Establishment Department Punjab to register a case and investigate the matter as well as report to the concerned for further proceedings.

On the other side, Assistant Commissioner Rana Muhamamd Shoaid is also suspended from service due to corruption in subsidized sugar.

In addition, the Muzaffargarh district sugar quota is of 6500 metric tones from the Sheikhu Sugar Mill. But people have complained to the goverment that they are not getting the subsidized sugar from the Sasta Ramzan Bazars.

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