Social Media has Connected People Globally But Disconnected them Locally

Social Media Platforms and Facebook || Facebook or Twitter || Perils of Social Media Platforms

Thesis Statement:

Social media a very cheap and fast source of connecting people worldwide. But this medium of communication has also enhanced the rift between the people locally. There is a need to use this social media platform with due care.


What are the different types of Media?

  1. Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsup, etc
  2. Electronic Media, e.g. TV Channels
  3. Print Media, For instance, Newspapers, Journals, Periodicals, and Digests, etc

What are the famous Social Media Platforms?

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Whatsup
  5. TikTok
  6. Skype

What are the advantages of Social Media?

  1. Social media is connecting people worldwide.
  2. It is a cheap and very fast source of communication throughout the world.
  3. It also plays its role in raising social issues across the world as well as locally.
  4. Social media is also playing its due role in creating political awareness among the people.
  5. Different social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter are also educating the people through different mediums.
  6. Social media networks are also providing opportunities for employment to millions of people across the world.
  7. Moreover, social media has also played a vital role in developing the development of technology throughout the world.
  8. Social media networks are also creating harmony among the people of the world by providing versatile information to people reading the different cultures and societies.
  9. Furthermore, Social media is also keeping people aware of the world’s burning news round the clock.
  10. Similarly, social media networks are also playing their roles in enhancing the living standards of the people globally.
  11. It is also playing its due role in highlighting public issues.
  12. Social media is also a key platform in pinpointing the corruption stories of government officials.
  13. People are also using social media platforms for getting the support of people against the powerful blocs, such as against human trafficking gangs, drug gangs, etc.
  14. Social media networks are also helping government officials in improving good governance dynamics.

What are the evils of Social Media in Pakistan?

  1. People are negatively using social media networks, such as they are blackmailing others for financial gains.
  2. Harassment of women/girls through social media networks is also a big issue in the current arena.
  3. Deterioration of moral, ethical, and social values because of social media networks. As it is very easy to hide your identity through social media accounts.
  4. Breaching the privacy of others is also a big issue of social media networks.
  5. Loss of time, as students and many other common people, are spending hours on these social media networks.
  6. Loss of health due to continuous usage of social media networks.
  7. There is a high percentage of news which are circulating on social media which is fake and untrue.
  8. Social media is also used for character assassination which is a bad thing for the moral and ethical values of a society.
  9. Young ones are more tend to online activities as compared to on-ground physical gaming activities.

A Way Forward

It is the need of the hour to educate people regarding the usage of social media networks.
Moreover, there must be strict punishment for whoever breaks the rules regarding the usage of social media networks.
Everyone must care about the self-respect and privacy of others while using social media networks.


Social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter etc are very good, cheap and fast sources of communication locally as well as internationally. But there is need of using these social media networks like sensible and educated people while restricting the limits.

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