Industrial Backwardness in Pakistan

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Thesis Statement:

There are lots of factors which are responsible for industrial backwardness. For Instance, lack of capital, lack of political will and absence of modern technology. There is need of proper strategic planning for prompt industrialization and attraction of foreign investment. Because for prompt industrialization there is need of billions of dollars investment.


What is the current situation of Industrial Sector of Pakistan?

  1. There is a lack of skilled labor in Pakistani Industries, such as the textile industry, Information Technology Industry, and high technology industry.
  2. Moreover, there is also lack of capital which results in insufficient structure and lack of modern technology for producton of competitive goods.
  3. Our industrial equipment are comparable with the technologies in the western states. Therefore, our products are not quality wise enough to compete with the other western goods.
  4. Furthermore, portion of loans which is available for the industrial sector is very low. Because for industrial establishment there is need of high amount of investment.

Different Eras of Industrial Development in Pakistan

  1. The Era of prompt Industrial development and Growth-1950s
  2. The Era of Industrial Stabilization-1960s
  3. Nationalization and its Impacts-1970s
  4. Russian-Afghan war and Pro-Industrial policies of Zia ul Haq-1980s
  5. The Decade of Privatization-1990s
  6. Commercialization under Musharaf-Post 9/11

Different Industrial Classification in Pakistan

  1. Large Scale manufacturing sector.
  2. Small Scale manufacturing sector
  3. Construction Sector
  4. Mining Sector
  5. Electricity Generation and Distribution Sector
  6. Cement Industry
  7. Textile Industry
  8. Information Technology
  9. Chemical Industry

What are the issues of the Industrial Sector in Pakistan?

  1. There are lots of economic issues which are faced by the industrial sector of Pakistan, such as energy issues,s, etc.
  2. The huge bank spread is also a big hurdle in the smooth development of the industrial sector.
  3. The devaluation of the Pakistani currency is also a big factor that hinders the smooth progress of industrial development.
  4. Under or low level of utilization of natural resources also lead the industry towards backwardness.
  5. Minimum role of women in the industrial sector of Pakistan.
  6. The exploitation of women and children in the Industrial sector of Pakistan, e.g. low payment to children and women as compared to men.
  7. Corruption is also a key factor that hinders the development of an industrial sector.
  8. Political issues have come in the way of industrial development.
  9. Social complications are also key factors for the low level of industrial development.

A Way Forward

Provision of cheap and uninterrupted energy resources to all industrial sectors without any distinctions.
Provision of easy credit facilities to the industrial sectors.
Optimum utilization of natural resources for industrial developments.
Inclusion of women in the industrial sector of Pakistan.

Provision of better health facilities to the health workers. Because employees and workers can only work with a healthy body.
There is also a need for the hour to maintain better law and order situation. As business activities also prosperous in a peaceful environment.
Furthermore, the government should also promote Research and Development institutes for innovation and development.
Finally, political sustainability is also necessary for the promotion of industrial sector development.


Industrial development is necessary for economic development in Pakistan

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