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Syllable is the important type of Grammar so as its mcqs. An unbroken or single sound of a written or spoken word is called a syllable. A syllable contains a vowel in it. Syllables are also known as the ‘beats’ of the English language. There are six types of the syllable.Closed syllables, Diphthongs syllables, Open syllables, R. Controlled syllables, Vowel consonant-e- syllable and Consonant_le syllables. The best way to count syllables in a word is to count the vowels in a word. . Visitors of PSCMCQS.COM will learn all about Most important English MCQS for all competitive exams: FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PSCAJK AND NTS. English mcqs includes all mcqs such as mcqs, English mcqs with answers.English mcqs PDF, English mcqs for nts, mcqs for class 9th with answers. English mcqs for SST general, mcqs for 10th class, Most Important English Mcqs.

A part of a word that contains a vowel in it is called…

A. Stress

B. Syllable

C. Suffix

D. Prefix

The number of syllables in ‘forget’ is…?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

Which among the following is referred to as ‘Beats’ of spoken language???

A. Vowels

B. Consonant

C. Syllables

D. Stree

One can count syllables in a word by counting…..?

A. Consonant

B. Vowels

C. Both

D. None

A closed syllable ends with a… Letter.

A. Vowel

B. Consonant

C. Both

D. None

An open syllable ends with a……… Letter.

A. Vowel

B. Consonant

C. Both

D. None

____ can also be called a vowel when it forms a diphthong.

A. H

B. Y

C. U

D. V

Which of the following is an example of a closed syllable.

A. King

B. Lie

C. Do

D. Hope

Which is an example of an open syllable….?

A. Die

B. Good

C. Bad

D. Cup

How many syllables are in forgetful?

A. Two

B. Three

C. Four

D. Five

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