The Rampant Corruption in Pakistan

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Thesis Statement:

Corruption is a social evil which is prevailing everywhere and it is dangerous for social, economic and financial growth of a country. Moreover, corruption is also against the slogan of meritocracy. The roots of this social evil must be cut down with strict punishment and accountability of every responsible person.


What are the impacts of Corruption?

  1. Corruption is deteriorating the roots of the nation in different ways, such as, morally, socially, and ethically.
  2. Loss of image at the international level.
  3. Corruption is also dangerous for economic progress and development.
  4. It also enhances the slow working at offices and red-tapism culture also.
  5. Loss of public finance due to corruption and embezzlement in public money.
  6. Corruption is also a hindrance in the way of foreign investment because foreign investors are not ready to invest in a state where corruption is rampant.
  7. Corruption promotes more and more foreign loans and funds which further enhances the dependency at the sacrifice of national sovereignty.
  8. It also promotes crime in every nook and corner of the country.
  9. Corruption also promotes poverty.

What are the causes of Corruption in Pakistan?

  1. Pakistan is a soft state and criminals, as well as corrupt people, get relief after committing crimes.
  2. The system of accountability not independent.
  3. Moreover, the accountability system itself has lots of drawbacks, the officials of accountability institutes in Pakistan are not well trained to control the white color crime.
  4. The low salaries of the government employees and officials are also a big factor behind the rampant corruption in Pakistan.
  5. Corruption is also not good for maintaining good governance and better management.

A Way Forward

  1. There is a need for implementation of the laws for strict following the rules regarding transparency.
  2. The pay and packages of government employees should be optimized to fulfill the domestic needs of employees.
  3. The education should be of drew on such lines which must promote transparency and meritocracy.


Corruption is a social evil which is deteriorating the image of Pakistan at local level as well as at international level. There is need to resolve this issue through proper planning and management.

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