A. 29-30KB
B. 20-29KB
C. 24-39KB
D. None of these

Brief Facts about COVID-19 Virus:

COVID-19 or Corona-virus is a deadly viral disease which is erupted in the year 2019 from Wuhan China. Until now millions of people have been killed all around the world due to this disease.

A. 340000 KM
B. 384400 KM
C. 332000 KM
D. 300000 KM

Brief Facts about Moon:

Moon is the only proper natural satellite of planet earth. And earth is the most colorful planet in the solar system as well as in the entire galaxy. Moreover, Moon is the 5th largest natural satellite in the solar system. Moreover, the satellite Moon is ranked as a planetary-mass object. The gravity of the Moon is almost 1/6 (one-sixth) of Earth’s gravitational pull.