A. Zarlasht and Sumaira
B. Kainat and Sumaira
C. Abeera and Zara
D. None of these

Brief Facts About Pakistan’s First Certified Women Electritians:

Abeera Almas and Zara Afshan, who represented the ‘Roshni Baji’ program introduced by K-Electric to provide a platform for women to showcase their talents, spoke about their critical role in creating awareness towards safe usage of electricity within premises. Launched in February 2021, K-Electric shortlisted 40 women in first batch for training and have collectively engaged over 100,000 homes across Karachi, gaining access to areas where cultural sensitivities prevented male staff from engaging with women who were present at home. Currently, the second cohort of 60 Roshni Bajis is undergoing training as part of the next phase.