Hamas and Palestine’s Current War Against Israel – Hammas, also referred to as “Hamas,” is a Palestinian political organization with a significant presence in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It was established in 1987 during the First Intifada or Rebellion.

Moreover, Hamas has since played a significant role in the tough political landscape of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The group’s origins can be traced to the Muslim Brotherhood and its ideology, which emphasizes Islamic governance and resistance against Israeli occupation.

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Hamas Major Aspects

Militant Wing

Hamas maintains an armed wing known as the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. It is mainly developed to counter the military power of Israel. These include launching rocket attacks into Israeli territory and engaging in armed confrontations.

Further, the group’s military activities have been a source of tension in the region and have drawn condemnation from various international actors.

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Political and Social Services

Similar to military might, Hamas also operates as a political party. In the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections, Hamas won a significant majority, taking control of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

This political aspect of Hamas’s activities has led to it forming governments in Gaza, separate from the West Bank, where the Palestinian Authority led by Fatah holds authority.

Hamas’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Hamas is characterized by resistance to Israeli occupation and a commitment to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Its methods, however, have been a subject of debate and controversy, with many nations, including Israel and the United States, designating Hamas as a terrorist organization due to its use of violence and attacks against Israeli civilians.

The role of Hamas in Palestinian politics is complex, as it represents a significant segment of the Palestinian population and maintains social service programs that provide healthcare, education, and other essential services in the areas it governs. This dual nature, as both a political party and an armed group, has made Hamas a central player in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a challenging entity for peace negotiations and diplomatic efforts.

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Hamas and Palestine’s Current War Against Israel