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We Can Breathe Easy With The Vaporizer

No, sorry, what I meant to say was that she emptied every ounce of formula, baby food, dog hair and Cheerios she consumed in the last 2 days over my entire body like an uncomfortable bath bomb.

It was at this time that two health professionals, who had all the training for this situation tucked neatly into our eager little brains… totally panicked.  We had no idea what to do.  What is right, wrong or really wrong becomes lost in the clouds when it’s your own kid.

This became even more obvious when I started working as a pharmacist (I passed my exams, yay!). I began to quickly see the same messy-haired, sleepless faces of anxious exhaustion coming to the pharmacy for their own beautiful bundles of vomit.  It made me feel honored to help each and every one of those soldiers of love.  I figured this would also be a good place to share just the tip of the sick-kid topic iceberg.

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