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Ways To Get Fit And Stay Fit

At the end of the day, if you haven’t remembered a single word of what you’ve read here, don’t worry!  You have an invisible team of helpful health care professionals at your beck and call, even before going to the hospital.

Pharmacies that now sit at almost every street corner offer more than occasional diaper sales and a dizzying number of cosmetic choices (mine is Cherry Disco #327).  That white-coated man or woman standing at the back of the store is there for YOU and your shiny kid.  They can answer any question you have and can look up anything they don’t know in a jiffy.

If you can’t drive/walk to the pharmacy for whatever reason, they can answer most questions over the phone and even walk you through things like taking the temperature or dosing the medication.

In addition to this, there exists a very handy tool for terrified parents called Telehealth Ontario.

Keep soldiering on.

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