Government Imposed Emergency in Murree after Death of almost 16 People.

In the recent move of the weather, the Murree hills have turned white due to heavy snow falling. The snow falling that started almost three days before has created lots of problems of movement for the tourists.

According to the media news, almost 16 people have killed in Murree on the 7th of January 2022 due to suffocation. Children and young people are among the dead ones.

Moreover, the Government of Punjab, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has imposed an emergency in Murree due to the weather condition and loss of human lives.

Current Situation in Murree

Currently, thousands of tourists have stranded in Murree in different parts or regions of Murree. According to the news the there is almost 3 and a half-inch snow currently on the roads of the Murree.

Furthermore, according to the administration, almost 126000 vehicles have entered Murre due to which the civil administration is facing hardships while evacuating the people as well as their vehicles from Murree.

To help the civil administration and police, the Government of Punjab, as well as the Federal Government, has deployed an army and rangers to rescue the stranded tourists and to help the injured people in the snow.

Over 16 die in Murree as govt deploys Pakistan Army to rescue stranded tourists amid heavy snowfall

Government Ban Entry into Murree

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, the Interior Minister also said that we are banning the entry into Murree. Because it is not time to come towards Murree where already people have been stranded.

In the reactive approach of government, the civil administration has also blocked the entry to Murre due to the already situation. Moreover, only people in the emergency situation will be allowed to travel to Murree. So, all routes to Murree are currently closed by Police and civil administration.

In his video message the Interior Minister, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said that after almost 20 years the Murree hill station received such a huge number of tourists. And this is the reason that people are stranded into the snow.

There are almost thousands of vehicles that are still in the snow at different spots of Murree. Almost 4 inches of snow is there on Murre roads and it will be very difficult for the administration to abruptly evacuate the people from such a situation.

Certainly, it will take time. Whereas Rescue 1122, the Police force, army corps, and frontier corps are performing their duties to help and rescue the stranded people in the snow. Similarly, the local people of Murree are also helping and providing food and other help to the tourists.

Postponed Murree Plan

The tourist who are making plans to visit Murre. They are requested to postpone their tour plan until the situation comes to normal. It is because currently due to the severe weather condition the situation is not good for the tourists.

How did Tourists die in Murree

According to the SHO Murree Police station, all the people in Murre did not die due to cold. Although the temperature is low. But the real reason for people’s death in Murree is that they left on their heater due to which they have killed.

So, as most people are thinking that people in Murree may be died due to cold. But they have died due to the heater and fumes from the heater killed them.

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