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Thesis Statement:

Women are as important for society as men are important in the world. Therefore, women must be respected for their peaceful existence in the world.


What are the factors of women backwardness?

  1. lack of knowledge and literacy rate among women, as there are low levels of opportunities of education for women in Pakistan as well as in the developing states.
  2. Economically women are deprived, they have fewer opportunities of employment as compared to men.
  3. Malnutrition is also a big issue in Pakistan for women.
  4. Women have also a very restricted role in the decision-making or in the top leadership of Pakistan which results in economic, social, and political deprivation, e.g. there are only 2% women in the top level management of Pakistan.
  5. Sexual harassment is also a reason for women’s backwardness, due to the fear of sexual harassment women are unable for out of homework activities.
  6. Most importantly domestic violence also hinders women from practical participation in every walk of life.

How does the Backwardness of Women lead towards the Backward of a Nation?

  1. It is the universal fact that the backwardness of women is the deterioration of national, cultural, and economic values.
  2. The backwardness of women results in a morally and ethically weak society.
  3. The rate of crimes enhances in case of backwardness of women. Because women are the maker of humans, man grows in the lap of women and if women are backward, every new child will be corrupt and crime lover.
  4. The culture of favoritism and corruption will be high in the case of women’s backwardness.
  5. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be lower in case of women’s backwardness and in case of low literacy.

What are the important causes of Women Backwardness?

  1. The wrong interpretation of religious teachings is the main factor that hinders the promotion of education among women.
  2. The social taboos in Pakistani society also restrict the social, political, religious, and educational roles of women in Pakistani society.
  3. The political factor is also a very big hindrance in the smooth way of women’s progress and development in different fields of life.
  4. Moreover, the constitutional lacking is also a key factor that does not protect the rights of women in developing states like Pakistan.
  5. lack of representation of women in every walk of life, as men’s percentage in the top management as well as top leadership, is high as compared to the women. And this scenario prevails all over the world not just in developing states. We have very rarely seen the female Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization and World Bank etc.

What Steps Must be taken for Women Empowerment in Pakistan?

  1. Fulfillment of Millennium Development Goals, as these goals, fulfill the conditions of the requirement of women’s rights to a large extent.
  2. Following and fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. Implementation and strict compliance of laws and rules which pertain to women’s rights.
  4. The civil society as well as different NGOs which are formed for women’s rights protection must start the awareness campaign for the protection of women’s rights in the society.
  5. There must be strict punishment for domestic violence in Pakistan to stop the heinous crime against women.
  6. Fixation of quotas for women in different social, political, economic, financial, and educational institutes.
  7. Most importantly, special attention must be paid to the education of women in Pakistani society. Because educated women are more conscious regarding their rights as compared to uneducated women.
  8. Promotion of women’s role as independent entrepreneurs and other similar roles in society.
  9. The devolution of power in the society to the lower strata will enhance the role of women in Pakistani society. And will encourage the participation of women in different sectors of the economy.


Women are an integral part of society. They must be treated equally in every walk of life. Furthermore, women can take equal part in social, economic, and financial matters. In short, they are equally important for the economy as men are important.

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