Mathematics Mcqs
Mathematics Mcqs

Maths MCQs- Math derived from the Greek letter “Mathema” which means study, learning: includes the study of such topics as quantity, algebra, and geometry. Mathematics Mcqs are most important for all types of tests and other competitive exams. Math Mcqs for NTS, FPSC, PMS, PSCAJK, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, GAT, NAT. Almost all the tests, exams include a certain portion of mathematics Mcqs in the test. Generally, mathematics is categorized into the following categories which are from basic to advance. Concerning education level and classes;  Basic mathematics, Area of Advance mathematics, Algebra, Calculus and analysis, Geometry, Logic, Number Theory, Probability and Statistics, and Geometry. This section of Maths Mcqs includes Mcqs for Mathematics questions and answers, Mathematics Mcqs for NTS, Mathematics formulas. Mathematics for the quiz, Mathematics Mcqs with answers. Mathematics Mcqs for class 12 with answers. Math Mcqs for class 11 with answers, Mathematics Mcqs for NTS.

When 30 are subtracted from the 50% of a number, the result is 60 what’ll be the number?

A. 150
B. 160
C. 170
D. 180


(50/100) * X – 30 = 60
0.5*X = 60+ 30, X=90/0.5
X = 180