India Pakistan Trade and Kashmir Issue

Overview of Relationships

India Pakistan Trade and Kashmir Issue-The colonization and decolonization of the world by the world power. Such as France and England from the 15th to 20th-century have created lots of religious, political, social, and border issues. After World War II the decolonization process had taken a swift mood. And with the passage of time one region after the other started getting independence predominantly from Great Britain apart from France and other European states. So, this getting of freedom from the shackles of England on the one side solved the political and social issues. On the other side, this decolonization process had resulted in the emergence of regional issues among the newly formed states. For instance, the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan.

India Pakistan under Great Britain

India and Pakistan had been living under the political control of the United Kingdom for almost 200 years. So, after the end of this political division in 1947, many problems evolved between India and Pakistan. So, here started the rising of different political, commercial, and constitutional issues between these two regional states.

In this scenario, Pakistan and India could not succeed in concreting their diplomatic and trade relations. And this happened due to many local and international factors. And the Kashmir issue is one of the prominent factors which is hindering the smooth flow of diplomatic ties between India and Pakistan. These two neighboring states are claiming their right on the land of Kashmir. And they are claiming this due to the geographic, religious, and political history of the Kashmir state which was previously part of United India.

Currently, in the month of March 2021, the two Asian states have once again tried to resolve their matters through peaceful means. In the first move, India and Pakistan have mutually agreed to follow the agreements pertaining to the peace at Line of Control (LOC). And in the second move, both neighboring states tried to move forward through the resumption of trade and commercial ties. But there are lots of problems in the way of smooth resumption of diplomatic ties.

A Way Forward

Now Pakistan has showed desired to review its foreign policy. Pakistan’s foreign office has recently declared that now Pakistan will follow geo-economics interest instead of geopolitics or geo-strategic interests. This is a positive move from the Pakistani side. And India should welcome this affirmative move from Pakistan to resume the diplomatic and trade ties between these two regional states. So, in this way India Pakistan Trade and Kashmir Issue can be resolved.