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Self Employed Health Insurance Options Are Out There

One of the scariest things for a person considering striking out on their own is coming up with insurance to cover them and their families. This one fear alone can hold people at their regular, workday jobs for years, keeping them from pursuing their dreams of owning their own business. The truth is there are some very good self employed health insurance options available. The trick is in finding a policy that’s right for you and affordable, too.

While self employed health insurance sounds like it would be difficult to track down, the fact is there are many insurance providers, even some of the biggest going, that offer this type of coverage. What the bottom line is and what will be covered will vary from company to company and person to person, but coverage is available for almost anyone.

There are many options for finding self employed health insurance coverage. One of the best places to research the options is on the Internet. Here people on the hunt for good coverage will find locations that enable them to quickly receive quotes from many different insurance companies at once. This enables for a quick comparison of the options, features and pricing they might be looking at.

While price will very likely be a major consideration in choosing self employed health insurance, there are other factors that shouldn’t be overlooked. This is especially the case for those seeking this type of coverage to protect themselves and their families. Here are the points to consider:


  • Deductible amounts. While everyone wants self employed health insurance coverage that’s affordable, trading premium prices for high deductible amounts could be a bad gamble. If it’s likely you and your family will obtain medical coverage in the course of a policy year, looking at lower deductible amounts will be in order.
  • Doctors covered. If your favorite doctor isn’t on the policy, the self employed health insurance coverage you’re considering might not be the best for you. While some people don’t really care who they see, others have family favorite doctors that have established a long history with their patients. If this is the case, sticking with a familiar doctor is worth looking at other policies to achieve.
  • Hospitals. While you might find a fantastically priced self employed health insurance policy, if it doesn’t cover hospitals and clinics in your area, it’s not worth its price.
  • Extras. Good self employed health insurance policies for entire families will cover not only emergencies, but also preventative care and regular checkups. Anyone with children can attest to the amount of “healthy child” checkups little people must attend.
  • Medicine payments. While not all policies that are available cover prescription costs, these are a good thing to consider when looking at self employed health insurance options. If a policy doesn’t provide this, consider asking about an add on policy that might. Medicine costs can break a family budget quickly.

The best way to look into self employed health insurance options is to be patient and shop around. There are some very good policies out there, but it’s smart to explore all the possibilities before making a decision.

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