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Options In Health Insurance For Students

While some parents find themselves able to extend their health insurance coverage to their college-age children, others are not. The need for affordable health insurance for students will still exist, however. In these cases, there are lots of companies that offer different packages to fill in the gap between college and getting a job with benefits. There are also some policies available that will help cover school-age children in special circumstances long before they enter college.

When the need to ensure a school-age or even college-age child is covered by health insurance for students, there are places to turn. The fact is these policies might cost some extra money, but the peace of mind they can provide is generally well worth the investment.

There are many options available for health insurance for students. The kind of insurance needed will generally dictate where a parent, school or even adult child will need to look for coverage. Let’s look at the options:


  • College policies. There are companies that specialize in offering health insurance for students of the college age. These policies are seen as stop gaps between a parent’s policy and the adult child’s own first policy. Since the age involved is generally pretty young and the health levels tend to be fairly high, these policies will typically cover a lot for a little investment. Full benefits of a company-sponsored plan might not be in place, but these will generally cover any illnesses that come down the pike.
  • Temporary policies. There are some companies that specialize in health insurance for students that do so on a temporary basis. These policies will generally cover a person for three months, six months and maybe even a year at a time. They are tailored to cover major illnesses and accidents that might occur, but generally don’t come with preventative care attached.
  • Short-term policies. When schools sponsor trips, sporting events and other special excursions, there might be a need for short-term policies to cover youngsters who participate. In these cases, the health insurance for students will generally be valid only for the duration of the trip or event, but they can ensure that everyone is covered if an emergency arises for a very small investment. These policies will range from short-term medical insurance to accident or liability coverage.
  • State plans. There are some states that offer health insurance for students at very low costs. Feeling that no child should be without insurance, these states provide basic medical and emergency coverage on a sliding scale. While what’s covered and what isn’t will vary, these policies can be worth looking into to provide students basic medical protection in case they need it. In general, these plans will cover emergencies and preventative care, as well.

Coverage types offered in regard to health insurance for students will vary from company to company and even state to state. While not all policies are the same, having at least basic coverage on a child can save a lot of worry.

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