One-Belt One-Road Project and American Policies

One-Belt One-Road Project
One-Belt One-Road Project

The newly elected US government will rekindle the flames of the war in Afghanistan. After a tumultuous and thrilling moment, the transition to power in the United States has finally come to a head. The White House has quietly sent Donald Trump, a former White House aide, on a long forced leave. The most important task of bringing Joseph Biden to power has been successfully completed.

Change in Capitol Hill-Washington

It remains in the next few years how this change in Capitol Hill-Washington corridors will benefit the United States and how it will have a good or bad political effect on the world. It is clear that Biden is in a hurry to erase every trace of the Trump administration, and if the US establishment did, Biden did. If support continues, the time is not far when every policy by the Trump administration will be thrown away.

The Rulers in this Global City of Power

It should be noted that this is a very rare and strange change in American politics, as the overall view around the world about Washington has always been that. “the rulers in this global city of power do change, but their policies never change.” But this time, politics are completely different way in the United States as well, with new faces sitting in the White House ruling the world, in preparation for overturning these new pieces, the old chessboard and laying the new chessboard.

If we acknowledge for a moment that history really does repeat itself, then we must also acknowledge that Barack Hussein Obama’s reign in the United States is back in the case of US President Joseph Biden. But It would be highly inappropriate to conclude from the above statement that former US President Barack Hussein Obama will take over the presidency of US President Joe Biden or Biden will formulate his government policies with dictation from Obama because one thing is certain. Even if American politics reaches the depths of decline, such a mockery of democracy will not be allowed in the United States.

But the glaring fact is that the next presidency of Joe Biden will be full of new incidents of war and discovery, like the one under Barack Hussein Obama. At least one credit belongs to him(Donald Trump) that during his tenure he did not throw the United States into a new world war. The truth is that no matter how quarrelsome Donald Trump may have been in his individual life. But the non-steps he took to pull the United States out of unnecessary world wars are exemplified not found throughout American political history.

If Donald Trump had wanted to, he could have started a new war in the last days of his presidency to ensure his victory in the US elections. But he intimidated the world. Unlike Trump, Joe Biden is apparently saying hello to the world with his smiling face. But behind the scenes, he is the United States of America. Therefore, the new front has dangerous intentions to keep the war hot. The first proof of which is the Biden administration’s statement to revise the agreement between the United States and the Taliban.

One-Belt One-Road Project and American Policies for Taliban

The revision of the agreement with the Taliban means that in the coming days, the Biden administration will impose strict conditions for maintaining and maintaining the agreement. Which will be absolutely unacceptable to the Taliban leadership. Biden will accuse the Taliban of being stubborn and will fan the flames in a new way as the war in Afghanistan is extinguished, and every effort will be made to expand the scope of the war in Afghanistan.

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One-Belt One-Road Project and India

Will To ensure that the future of the One Belt One Road Project, a global trade project launched by China in the region, is in jeopardy. Washington will of course have a monopoly on New Delhi in Kabul. The naive people who think that the Biden administration will question Narendra Modi about the ongoing human rights violations in India and Kashmir are undoubtedly living in a paradise of idiots with such superficial thinking.

If an international court is set up for a fair trial for human rights violations So the United States will be at the forefront of this case like a criminal. Because the human rights violations that the United States has committed since 9/11 are beyond words and dreams. Therefore, only those who do not know the name of human rights will be deceived in Biden’s human rights.

Pakistan and Term “Do More”

It is important to keep in mind that if the survival of the US-Taliban pact under Trump’s presidency is threatened in any way, its heat will reach Pakistan directly, and this is a strong possibility. That echoes of fictional words like “do more” once again poisoned the ears of Pakistanis because the diplomatic giants who introduced the term “do more” were always present in the White House to the right and left of Joe Biden.

It is not possible that Pakistan can be considered worthy of any kind of political, diplomatic and economic concession when compared to India. But on the other hand, the expected unfair diplomatic treatment by the United States. On the plus side, it could also make it easier for Pakistan to end its years-old diplomatic friendship with the United States and move to the Chinese camp altogether.

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It will be on policy what they will do with India and Afghanistan. If Biden’s inclination towards India is more, this time there will not only be a rift between Pakistan and the United States, but there will be a whole rift, which cannot be repaired later. Neither the United States nor Pakistan will be able to understand in simple terms that the US-Pakistan relationship has reached a critical juncture after which it becomes easier to walk together, to break up together.

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One-Belt One-Road Project and American Policies

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