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Beauty secrets from kitchen: get rid of acnes, blemishes, blackheads

Everyday our skin becomes exposed to environmental pollution, harsh sun rays, grime and dirt. Therefore daily skin care routine has become an extremely important part of our lifestyle. Explore this article below that guides you over smart beauty secrets from kitchen that protects you from acnes, blemishes, blackheads etc.

1. honey:
Honey acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin. Regular application of honey in mask helps in maintaining youthful skin. For preparing honey face mask, mix 1 tbsp of honey with few drops of lemon and pinch of turmeric powder. Apply it on daily basis. Leave for 10 minutes and then wash it off with plain water. This pack proves very effective in curing dark circles, wrinkles and blemishes.

2. Eggs:
Eggs prove very effectual in combating wrinkles and blemishes. They maintain the elasticity of skin and repairs dead skin tissues naturally. For preparing egg mask for oily skin, beat egg white and apply over face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes and wash it off using plain water. Eggs also help in tightening your skin. You can also make use of egg yolk for dealing dry and normal skin.

3. Yogurt:
It acts as a natural cleanser and nourishes skin deeply. Application of yogurt provides you soft, supple skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines of ageing. Even you can make face mask by using plain yogurt and rose water and apply it over your skin. After 20 minutes wash it with water.

4. Banana
Banana nourishes your skin amazingly and it is suitable for all types of skin. Mash ripe banana and apply it over face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash it off by using normal water. To remove blackheads from skin, you can rub banana peel on your nose and then carefully pinch out blackheads.

5. Lemon:
Lemon is rich in bleaching properties and helps in lightening skin tone in an effected way. This effective beauty secret from kitchen magically combats problem of sun tan, blemishes and acnes. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which provides you youthful skin. To reduce wrinkles and blemishes from skin, prepare a paste of honey and lemon and apply over skin. Later wash it off suing plain water. For exfoliating skin, mix dried lemon peel powder with your face scrub and rub over your skin to get silky soft skin.

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